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We love all pets, and we believe in their right to a decent life represented in adequate food, hygiene and safety, and for that we provide different products for all cats and dogs

Comfort Calm Soothing Gel 100gm

13.45 USD

Soothing rest - this helps reduce anxiety during unstable times and the effects of environmental stress in cats showing signs of nervousness, aggression or hyperactivity

Provides relief - Helps provide relief from common stressors such as: fireworks, thunderstorms, boarding a plane, noise, environmental stress, travel and commuting in the car.

All Natural - No Artificial Colors, Preservatives or Flavors - Ingredients include Valerian Root and Chamomile. Give your cat at least 3 hours before the annoying event

the use :

Add a 2cm quantity to the food The gel can then be given either from your finger or by placing your cat's front paw where it can lick

Natural - Vet's Best Relaxing Supplement Gel contains no molasses, corn syrup, or added sugars.

Vets Best Comfort Calm Gel for Cats can be used in many situations - travel, fireworks, and home alone time. It can be placed on a portion of regular foods, or it can be licked off from a finger or toy. Contains Chamomile, Valerian Root and Theanine.

13.45 USD
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