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We love all pets, and we believe in their right to a decent life represented in adequate food, hygiene and safety, and for that we provide different products for all cats and dogs

Josera marinaise with salmon 2kg

20.25 USD
With plenty of delicious salmon, it's the perfect cat food with a fishy taste. The food is also ideal for cats that have a grain intolerance. The unique formula contains well-tolerated, grain-free proteins, making it ideal for sensitive cats.

Salmon, potatoes and peas as selected protein sources for best potential
Lots of premium salmon (30%) and a grain-free formula for cats
Promotes a pH of 6.0-6.5 to reduce the risk of urinary stone formation
Hypoallergenic and easy to digest
Complete nutrition for adult cats. A complete diet to reduce nutrient intolerance

Made in Germany

20.25 USD
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