Green tea scented spray 120ml

20.68 USD


Reliq Botanical Mist Green Tea Pet Spray is suitable for use after showers as a perfume or even between baths helping your pet stay fresh.

Designed for its convenience, the Relic Botanical Mist Green Tea Pet Spray can be used on the go or when needed.

Relic Botanical Mist Green Tea Pet Spray is scented with green tea leaves that deliver rich antioxidants to your pet's skin.

Enriched with provitamin B5, honey extract and aloe vera, Reliq Botanical Mist Green Tea Pet Mist helps nourish your pet's skin and coat!


Purified Water, Glycosyl Trehalose, Panthenol (Vitamin B5), Camellia Sinensis (Green Tea) Leaf Extract, Fragrance, Honey Extract, Aloe Vera.

suitable for

Cats and dogs of all ages and coat types.

Instructions for use

Spray into fur and cap after showering or between baths. Avoid eyes, nose and sensitive areas.

Product weight

120 ml

  • 20.68 USD
Basma Alhashmi 1 month ago قام بالشراء وتم تقييمه
المنتج جيد . ريحته لطيفة وخفيفة وحلوة . بس مااستفدت منه . لانه اول ما ابخ على شعر قططي بيخافو ويهربو . طبعا انتبهو تبخو عالوجه او الرأس بشكل عام . ولاحظت انه الريحة تختفي بسرعه يعني ماكإني حطيت شيء . والي ماعجبني انه تاريخ انتهائه المكتوب بعد اربع اشهر من لما اشتريته . تمنيت لو انه التاريخ يكون لسة عالسنة الجاية عالاقل . بس لابأس . 💜

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