Biotin food supplement for cats and dogs 100g

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PETVITAL® BIOTIN-TAB tablets contain a very high content of Vitamin H (Biotin), which has a special effect on hair growth and hair dyes. PETVITAL® BIOTIN-TABS has been specially developed for common animals and is characterized by a very high taste tolerability.

A specific food supplement to promote a healthy layer

For thick, shiny hair

strong pigments

For sturdy and strong claws


- 100 grams (about 50 tablets)

- 1000 grams (about 500 tablets)


Composition: Dextrose, rice semolina and cocoa

Food additives per kg: 1,000,000 mcg biotin, 350 mg vitamin B₂, 1,750 mg nicotinic acid, 8,060 mg choline chloride

Feeding recommendations for each animal and day:


1 tablet per day per 10 kg of body weight

the cats:

One tablet once a day as a treatment for 8 weeks

In the case of skin and hair problems that have already occurred, the dose should be doubled.

  • 29.85 USD 27 USD

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