Wet food mashed with meat and olives 24x70g

51.84 USD

Sugar free

•gluten free

Free of genetically modified organisms

Color free

Free from preservatives or flavorings

Made from high quality meat and fish

Made in the European Union

When it comes to cats, there is no such thing as a single flavor. Variety in the diet is key to satisfying cats' demanding tastes. Fluffy and smooth paté with a deliciously balanced recipe to please cats. Complementary food for adult cats to increase dietary diversity.

Ingredients: beef (35%), chicken, olives (4%), potatoes, carrots.

Analytical components: crude protein 9.9%, crude fat 4.1%, crude fiber 0.5%, crude ash 1.0%, moisture 84.0%, calcium 0.19%, phosphorous 0.12%.

Nutritional composition: Vitamin E (3A 700) 8.0 mg.

Feeding method:

Serve with other Brit Care whole dry and wet cat foods for a balanced diet. The recommended daily allowance is shown in the feeding table but may vary depending on your cat's age, activity level and environment. Always provide a bowl of fresh water. Serve it at room temperature. Refrigerate after opening and use within 48 hours.

  • 51.84 USD

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