common questions

How long is the shipping time outside Riyadh?

• The shipping period is determined later by the shipping and delivery company. When the location is determined by the customer for the shipping company, the delivery and shipping dates are updated by the shipping company and the client and this is clarified by writing to the shipping company on the customer’s number and on the shipping company’s website.

Note that the shipping company calculates the start of the delivery days when the location is determined by the customer. After the selection, the company begins calculating the expected delivery days for the customer.

How long is the delivery time inside Riyadh?

• The delivery period is two working days, except for Friday, a holiday that is not counted

What are the shipping companies that you deal with?

• Aramex Company

• Link for delivery

What are the business hours of the store?

• from Saturday to Thursday

• From 10:30 in the morning until 2:00 in the afternoon

Are you arriving on Friday?

• No, Friday is off

Is there international shipping?

No, international shipping is not currently available