Exchange and Return Policy

Exchange and Return

In order to provide the best customer service, your purchases from the "Bates Shop" store are subject to exchange and return within 7 days from the date they reach you. All you have to do is:

  • Ensure that it remains in its original condition.
  • Never open the product and the packaging

Replacement and Return Policies and Terms:

  • The exchange and return policy includes some products of the "Bates Shop" store.

  • In the event that a wrong product arrives to you, or a shipment arrives in an improper condition, the “Bates Shop” store bears all shipping, delivery and replacement costs, and if you wish to exchange or return for any other reason, the “Bates Shop” does not bear any shipping costs. Or delivery and returns ensue.

  • Products that are not exchangeable or refundable are (clothes, beds, dishes and sandboxes) to maintain the health of your pets and other animals.

  • The "Bates Shop" store returns the amounts for a maximum period of one week to ensure that the customer's data is clear and complete as soon as the returned shipments arrive at the store after they reach the customer and request a return for any other reason,
  • Shipping and return fees are deducted from the customer's account
  • The amounts are often transferred either through the customer’s bank account or via STC Pay if there is an account with the customer

  • Please read the terms of confirmation and cancellation of orders

  • Fill in the exchange and return information :