Dry food to support cat activity with turkey 2 kg

18.36 USD

Grain-free, hypoallergenic, with high-quality protein that helps keep muscles strong. The optimal combination of vitamins and organic elements provides the energy needed for an active life. Supports healthy cartilage, teeth, joints and bones for hunting and everyday play.

Bone strengtheners and calcium for healthy teeth and bones.

Taurine - in cats an essential nutrient for excellent vision and a healthy heart.

Probiotics help maintain a healthy digestive and immune system.

Fruits, herbs and berries promote longevity and good health.

Grain Free - No Colorings - Free from Preservatives - Free from GMOs - Soy Free.

Dried Turkey (28%), Fresh Chicken Meat (26%), Yellow Peas (16%), Poultry Fat (preserved in Tocopherol, 13%), Chickpea (6%), Disodium Oil (2%), Chicken Liver with Water (2%), Yeast (2%), Dried Apple (2%), Linseed (1.5%), Dried Chamomile (0.5%), Minerals, Dried Sea Buckthorn (0.3%), Dried Cranberry (0.2%) , glucosamine (0.025%)

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  • 18.36 USD

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