Taste of the Wild Dry Food with Venison and Smoked Salmon 2kg

21.32 USD

HIGH PROTEIN - 42% is protein from a unique, balanced blend of chicken meal, roast venison, smoked salmon, ocean fish protein and plant-based protein sources. This combination provides highly digestible protein, with a rich meat taste, for a healthy body.

SPECIAL PROBIOTICS - A healthy digestive and immune system is vital to your pet's overall health. Our Viables probiotics have been specifically developed for cats and added after the cooking process to ensure viability. Each pound of Taste of the Wild provides 80 that help support a healthy digestive and immune system

Taurine - An essential amino acid that is beneficial for all cats and helps maintain a healthy heart and eyes.

Suitable for all ages

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  • 21.32 USD
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صراحة لسة ما استخدمته . بأنتظر الاكل يلي عند قططي حاليا يخلص بالاول . لكني طلبته من توصيات الدكتور حق قططي هو نصحني بهالماركة . واكيد بيعجبهم . 💜

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