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We love all pets, and we believe in their right to a decent life represented in adequate food, hygiene and safety, and for that we provide different products for all cats and dogs

Beaphar multivitamin juice for cats 100 g

8.10 USD 10.58 USD

End date: 2020

Beaphar multivitamin paste for cats 100 g

  • Easy-to-use toothpaste with two formulas in one package

It contains a group of important vitamins and minerals specially selected for cats, in addition to taurine for heart and vision health

  • Active dual formula

Contains a special dual combination of vitamins and special ingredients to take care of the health of the skin and hair and maintain the general health of your cat

Beaphar toothpaste with dual formula brown and yellow

Contains a range of active ingredients including Bio-MOS that effectively stimulates your cat's beneficial intestinal flora.

It is recommended for use on adult and small cats over 3 months of age.

Active ingredients per kg:

Vitamin B1 395 mg

Vitamin B2 115 mg

Calcium 125 mg

Nicotinamide 995mg

Vitamin B6 115 mg

Vitamin B12 780mcg

Folic acid 22 mg

Biotin 2400 mg

Vitamin E 160 IU

Taurine 4425 mg

How to use:

It is given to the cat 3 cm daily,

It can be given directly from the paste or by adding it to food

8.10 USD 10.58 USD
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Rahaf Mohammed

4 months ago

توني اول استخدام بس مبدئيا كوويس

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