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We love all pets, and we believe in their right to a decent life represented in adequate food, hygiene and safety, and for that we provide different products for all cats and dogs

Delicious Beaphar Poultry Juice for Cats 100g

10.58 USD

Specially formulated for cats, enriched with mashed poultry meat as a delicious treat for cats

High contents of poultry

Free from wheat derivatives

sugar free

Contains high levels of taurine to support healthy heart and heart function

Biotin + Omega 3 and 6

To enhance the health of the fur and nappy on the glossy

the ingredients:

chicken 43%

Turkey 6.2%

duck 2.6%


Turin 5000 with

Feeding Instructions:

1 cm of juice per day

Do not mix with food or directly from the tube

10.58 USD
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