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We love all pets, and we believe in their right to a decent life represented in adequate food, hygiene and safety, and for that we provide different products for all cats and dogs

Josera eat dry for ketosis and pregnant women

20.25 USD

Josera eat dry for ketosis and pregnant women

 Especially during growth or pregnancy and lactation, it is essential to provide optimal nutrition.

Josera Kitten is a high-energy, easy-to-digest food that is especially delicious for growing cats. Excellent for the first year of your cat's life and during pregnancy and lactation With plenty of energy and protein as well as precious salmon oil for special requirements in the most important stages of life Easy to digest Contains dietary fiber to help prevent hairballs Complete nutrition for pregnant, lactating and growing cats

  • easy to digest
  • Anti hairball
  • Keeps the fur and its shine

Made in Germany.

20.25 USD
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